Knitting: The new black

February 25, 2009 by Clark 

For many people, the only exposure they have had is a faint memory of grandma’s clicking needles by the fire. For an increasing number of people however, knitting is a vibrant and rewarding activity that is becoming ever more of a social hobby. While some may argue that it is a dying art, the knitting community is actually a thriving global concern, with groups meeting and knitting in public, racks and racks of books and magazines, gigabyte upon gigabyte of podcasts, and more converts every day.

Why is this rather old fashioned activity fast becoming one of the most engrossing hobbies for so many people across the world? The reasons are many. First of all, taking into consideration the end product of each knitting endeavour, it is incredibly economically friendly.

Making your own clothes, accessories, childrens toys and outfits yourself works out cheaper than buying branded items in many cases.

It also adds a personal touch to gifts. What could be nicer than knowing that your newborn baby is wearing a warm garment that has been made with love and care especially for them? How about when the seasons turn cold?

You can make your own hats, scarves, gloves and shrugs to help ward off the chill, and you have the knowledge that you have made the clothes you are wearing- they are completely yours. You can also make garments that are not freely available for sale elsewhere, such as neck warmers or custom garments for a particular person, event or use.

You could make bags, hats, cardigans, sweaters, socks, slippers, gloves, mittens, soft toys, holdalls, balaclavas, home wares, blankets, kitchen items and countless others. With a pair of needles and some yarn, you’re all set on your way to discovering a new world of possibilities for crafts and saving money.

With the global phenomenon of Stitch n’ Bitch, knitting has become one of the most social crafts around. Groups of knitters will meet up in restaurants or pubs or other such places and catch up with what everybody is making, as well as sharing tips and ideas and generally making new friends. Gone are the days of knitting being something gran did in order to produce an itchy jumper. Knitting is the new black.

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