BBC Cutbacks: What Will Happen To Our Media?

March 3, 2010 by Clark · Leave a Comment 

411LHpWYd2L. SL160  BBC Cutbacks: What Will Happen To Our Media?The BBC has announced huge cuts in its spending, and the closure of a number of elements such as BBC6 and the BBC Asian Network. The corporation is working towards making sure that 80% of its income (paid for by British citizens from their TV license fees), and is paring back its online content and much more in a huge move towards becoming more streamlined. The corporation is looking to sell off its magazines and a slew of other moves to save money and improve the content they can offer.

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February 3, 2009 by Clark · Leave a Comment 

The tabloids’ favourite Little Miss Smarmy is back with another album of twee pop and knowing lyrics. In the middle of all the news stories about her, it can be easy to forget that she sings for a living, and doesn’t just flop around in front of cameras in a bid to make sure people don’t forget her single gormless expression.

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