Edinburgh 2010: The People Vs George Lucas

June 23, 2010 by Clark · Leave a Comment 

Well, I was hardly going to come to a film festival and not watch a film about the Star Wars prequels debate. Like most diehard fans of the core movies in the saga, I’m a slave to pretty much anything new anyone has to say on the matter. However, as most of us also know, there’s an awful lot of crap out there on the subject. I’m just pleased to report that Alexandre Phillipe’s film is really good.Broken into chapters, The People Vs George Lucas has a straightforward mission – to debate the many now famous issues Star Wars fans have had not only with the prequels and the restored/special/altered editions of the originals, but also with the perceived change in Lucas’ stance on such matters over the years, and the context of how all of these things came about.It’s that last part which I found most interesting, offering fresh insight into the situation – I wasn’t aware that Lucas succes…
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