Eminem And Jay-Z Go Up On The Roof For The ‘Late Show’

June 27, 2010 by Clark · Leave a Comment 

Eminem Jay Z Late Show David Letterman Roof Ed Sullivan Theater Eminem And Jay Z Go Up On The Roof For The ‘Late Show’During their interview segment on the Late Show Friday night, David Letterman said to Jay-Z, “Tell us about your friendship, your relationship with Eminem. Where did it begin and how’s it going and what does he think of me?” Hova’s response: “I just passed him in the hallway—he said, ‘This guy’s an a**hole!’” Ah, but it was all good. Jay was just ribbing Dave. (We think.) Their one-on-one was a bit disjointed as Jay seemed to be—well, let’s just say “doing his own thing.” But Billboard cover guy Em and his Blueprint pal still rocked out top notch performances. Catch Eminem and Jay-Z’s Late Show appearances after the jump.

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